And God Created Diseases

And God saw that Man was happy and that he lived a good life and loved his work and family. The race of Man was healthy and strong and died peacefully in their sleep without the Lord’s name in mind. God became angry, for He was a jealous God and did not like being ignored.

And God created diseases. He created Diabetes and Cancer, He created Cystic fibrosis and Rheumatoid arthritis and, that man would not become too vain of his looks, He created Psoriasis and Neurofibromatosis. God created varieties of Bacteria and said unto them, go forth and multiply in the body of Man. Give him not a moment’s rest, make his life an unending misery. In time he will discover antibiotics to slay you, but even so you will stay one step ahead of him.

And God created viruses for Small pox and Ebola and HIV and Dengue and commanded them to enter Man’s body. Spread like the wildfire, raze down whole villages, said God unto them, and Man will be demoralized and he will build temples in your name and mine.

He commanded the mosquito to deliver disease to Man, he turned the dog and the wolf mad so Man would suffer the throes of Rabies; and to make Man himself mad, he created Schizophrenia and the Obsessive Compulsive disorders.

God didn’t forget the children of Man and for them He made Clubfeet to bend their feet, and Polio to cripple their spines, and Arthrogyposis Multiplex Congenita to twist their bodies like the serpent’s. For the children of Man he also made special cancers, Leukemias for the blood and Lymphomas for the lymph and Sarcomas for the bone. Thus was born the adage, catch them young.

And that Man did not die peacefully even in old age, God created Dementia, and Fractures of the neck of the femur, and Pressure sores as he sought to rest in bed with his afflictions.

Thus did the life of Man on earth become a living hell with disease and pestilence and suffering all around. And it came to pass that men and women were unhappy and built great temples and churches and mosques for their God wherein they spend time praying for their sufferings to cease.

The Devil saw all this and his heart softened and he went to God and asked, Lord, this is my job and I will do it in Hell after they die, why doest thou make Man’s life a hell now? And God said unto the Devil, they think of me all the time now in their misery and pray for me to deliver them. But if they lead a life of bliss they will soon forget me and I will then cease to exist, and so will you. We are brothers, you and me, together we will live on, immortal in the mind of Man.

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